Fuel Injection Services are growing in popularity in recent years for many reasons, but mainly to combat today's climbing gas prices. After a few years, your vehicle builds up contaminants that hinder fuel flow or corrupt fuel spray pattern. Injection services clean these naturally forming carbon deposits from your fuel injectors and fuel rails. In some cases, the vehicle's fuel tank and valve carbon deposits are also cleaned. These services improve fuel efficiency, increase horse power, and sometimes repair performance concerns. Carbon knocking, a knocking noise coming from the engine's excessive carbon build up, can also be quieted by the service. Removing dirty buildup in your fuel system will not only help restore your vehicle's performance, but also reduce emissions that pollute the environment. 

Gas mileage and overall drivability stand to be greatly improved by this quick and easy tune-up. Audi Fort Myers's Service Department is staffed with industry professionals who can ensure that your vehicle runs well for many miles to come. Our staff is trained to correctly diagnose and fix any issues you may be having. The same high-quality parts your vehicle was built with are stocked at our dealership so we can get you back on the road faster.

Ensure your vehicle's care by bringing it to Audi Fort Myers at 15875 S. Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers Fl 33908 or call 888-538-5735 for an appointment.